Career Toolkit for a Bank

In the brief I was informed that users complain about the amount of text on every page, lack of structure, inaccessibility and PowerPoint file simply does not work well. 

The target group was all the employees of the bank. 

Pain Points

Each page of the toolkit contained an organigram of team, possible career paths within and out of the team, and description of each position. 

The content was written in font size 5

Qualitative research

After developing a first brief-based prototype, I ran a series of tests. I asked people to use one pager, as template for remaining pages. User were watched and asked about their experiences with interaction with the toolkit. It turned out, there was too much icons to click. People still wanted to have some text on each page and only position description and possible career path available after hover over.

Final product and results

The final output was PDF file that mimics a website. Security and confidentiality reasons caused this peculiar form of the product. I worked with paper-drawn prototypes and InDesign. 

After toolkit release the rate of internal mobility (applications sent) raised for about 15% comparing to previous year. Were there any other reasons for this? Certainly, yet when people learned about possibilities, they often decided to take the opportunity. plugin on Bank website calls itself a PDF killer. I never engaged into discussion whether this claim is justified. I worked for customized interface for the Standard Chartered bank.


SC Bank decided to use application to provide the newest report. I was asked to take part in creating customized user interface of using Bank's brand guidelines and working with agency developers.


This was not a typical work on user interface design for two reasons. Firstly, there were serious interface limitations intrinsic to the itself. Secondly, there were two proxies on the way to apply design to the actual interface, as we had to work with the Agency and only Agency developers had direct contact with the tool owner.

Product and result

The result of cooperation was promising and the Bank decided to use this application for all future reports. 

Currently I am working on another iteration of user interface design of template as the Bank has rebranded.